Most Commonly Seen Dental Problems in people

Dental problems are often not given as much consideration as other health issues, but they are no less important for your wellbeing. Dental problems can lead to wide ranging health issues including but not limited to digestive issues, ulcers, and even increased risk of oral and throat cancer. So, if you have a swollen gum or sore tooth, visit a doctor immediately instead of hoping that the problem will go away on its own.

There is a wide range of dental problems seen in people, varying from pediatric dental condition to the problems faced in adolescence and in geriatric patients. You can
visit this page to gain more knowledge about them, but here are some of the more prevalent ones.

  • Some viral diseases like hand foot and mouth disease or herpes cause fluid filled vesicles in the oral and perioral regions and are very common in children.
  • The most common problem is pain in a tooth because of dental caries. It occurs when the cavity has already reached the pulp tissue and the infection is in the root canals.
  • Early childhood caries is a type of widespread caries in children, also known as milk bottle caries, where a large number of teeth are already involved when the patient presents to the doctor.

  • Gum problems – due to ignored oral hygiene, gum inflammation occurs, which can lead to loosening of teeth.
  • Oral habits like thumb sucking or mouth breathing can further lead to many types of malocclusion in the teeth region and growth interferences in the oral and maxillofacial region.
  • Cancer and pre-cancer lesions and conditions- many parafunctional oral habits can lead to such conditions in the patients and if overlooked at the early stage can be life threatening.
  • Candidiasis – in denture wearers or patients on immunosuppressant therapy is a fungal infection seen as white patches.
  • Impacted tooth – with evolution, due to the dietary changes, the jaw is becoming smaller and sometimes the dental arch cannot accommodate the third molar or the wisdom tooth and hence it becomes impacted in bone.It can be very painful and a minor surgical procedure to remove the tooth is required.
  • Discolored teeth – it can be because of intrinsic reasons like tetracycline staining or fluorosis or Turner’s hypoplasia or extrinsic stains of coffee or wine.

  • Supernumerary or extra teeth- often lead to crowding and malocclusion.
  • Dental abscess – dental infection in a tooth may lead to dental abscess with an intraoral or extraoral sinus, and is a very painful condition.
  • Missing teeth- missing due to trauma or caries, but can be very unaesthetic, so replacement prosthetic treatments are done.
  • Grinding of teeth- at night time or daytime can lead to severe loss of enamel from teeth and may leave tooth pulps exposed. Also it can cause temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.
  • Orofacial pains – like TMJ pain, myofascial pain disorder syndrome or trigeminal neuralgias are the pains that occur in the orofacial regions

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