What You Should Know About COVID Nurse Staffing Agencies?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you should have great benefits from having a hiring firm by your side. They are not only looking for qualified personnel but also training them and providing other services in order to be the best choice for a certain company. In critical times, nurses are some of the most wanted workers and most hospitals and clinics can’t find enough employees.

The industry is growing and you can now choose many agencies to work with but they differ in quality and reputation. Even if you are in a rush, invest your time in finding the best one and they will do the rest when it comes to candidates. If you are one of the applicants, you should look for one that has the most clients and best services.

What They Do?

Their main job is to recruit people on behalf of employers that have open positions in their firm. The type of position will depend on their client so it doesn’t have to be full time. The great thing is that they allow their candidates to test and experience the position that is open before they commit to it which means that they will know exactly what they will work on. It’s a common thing to call them recruitment firms and for them to specialize in one industry. Now is a very important time to have a COVID agency nurse staffing because everyone lacks medical personnel.

The first part of the process is the call made by employers when they want to hire new staff. They need to mention for what period staff needs to work, the rate they will pay, the number of people they need and specific requirements. The agency will compose a job description and advertise on the website or other boards based on the provided information. They usually have their own database but can also use other forms like social media and other networks.

If a certain candidate doesn’t get a call, others can apply when they get information that there is an offer. Depending on the company, there can be an option to discuss qualifications. There are recruiters that will go through their resume and check their background to select the right person. The hiring process and recruitment is handled by the agency.

Screening interviews can be performed before and after they find a possible candidate for the position. It is usually a shorter process because they are already familiar with that person because they are in the database. The employer is the one who will decide in the end who to hire based information that the agency provides. The last thing would be to arrange a contract that includes the pay and benefits.

Do They Charge a Fee?

There’s needs to be a fee for outsourcing the hiring process which is paid by the employer. The amount would be compared to the expenses they would have by organizing their own hiring process. The candidate doesn’t pay a fee to use the service but there can be a paycheck deduction when they get hired, but it is corresponding to what the company would pay directly. Read more on this page.

Everything depends on the type of position so the markups can range between 25 up to 100% of employee’s wages. There can be a one-time fee if they are looking for someone for a permanent job. It can be negotiated so it differs depending on the agency. It’s important to know that they won’t guarantee that the employer will give a permanent job.

Who to Work With?

The main thing to look for is a specialized agency because they will have clients and personnel from a certain industry. You can find a job as a nurse much easier if their clients are mostly medical facilities. The more contacts they have the better but still, there needs to be an interview. As someone that is looking for work, don’t accept any charges.

Another important thing is to be professional from the start. You shouldn’t look at it as something different and behave the same as you would with the company recruiter. Arrive on time, dress professionally and be prepared which goes for the employer also. They are the ones that will decide if you will meet the employer or not so the first impression means a lot. They can also help you to improve yourself when it comes to interviews.

Both sides need to explain exactly what they expect and what type of work they want to do. Salary and fees should be negotiated and every other detail because every piece of information is valuable for the recruiter. They won’t work with every employer so they expect professionalism from everyone. Honesty is also crucial because they won’t give you another opportunity if they find something out.

Work with those agencies that offer free courses and training to make you more marketable. It works great for both sides and you can add it to your resume and mention it in the interview. You should stay open for other opportunities if you find something that isn’t full-time. There are also other factors you should look at like price, speed and overall quality. Read more about it here:

Overall Quality of the Agency

Speed is the most important part here considering that most facilities are looking for someone to work right away. This also determines the quality of the agency because they should have a qualified employee at the moment that can come over for a quick interview and start working. If you need someone immediately, consider using a per diem nurse.

If they satisfy your needs, the last thing to look at is if the qualified person would be great for the community you have in your facility. This is what some of the best agencies will look for because the candidates are expected to not only do the job but they also need to fit in.

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