7 Laser Hair Removal Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Where laser hair removal was once only a treatment used by celebrities, today it is one of the most popular and affordable ways to remove unwanted hair for good.

Even though it is a top cosmetic treatment, there are still a number of misconceptions floating around out there.

Laser hair removal myths busted

Myth 1: You will need to grow your hair out in between sessions

While this might be true for waxing, it’s not true for laser hair removal. Your skin laser clinic will need your legs to be shaved before you come in for a session so there’s nothing stopping you from removing unwanted hair in between your sessions. The more treatments you receive, the less hair you will need to remove between each session.

Myth 2: You should only get treatments during winter

Yes, winter is the ideal time to start your treatments because it’s easier to stay out of the sun but this doesn’t mean that you can’t schedule your treatments during spring and summer too. If you will be scheduling treatments during the warmer months, simply make sure that you are protecting your skin. Your laser technician will not be able to treat your skin if you have a real or fake tan.

Myth 3: Patients need to have light skin and dark hair

Advancements in laser technology have made laser hair removal possible for all skin tones and types. MIRA Cosmetic & Laser Clinic uses different machines on light and dark skin tones and your laser technician will know exactly what to use in your specific situation.

Myth 4: Laser treatments can harm your organs

This is definitely not possible. A laser is not able to penetrate deep enough to affect your organs in any way. When operated by a qualified and experienced laser technician, laser treatments are completely safe.

Myth 5: You will only need one treatment to see permanent results

Every patient will need more than one session before they can enjoy permanent results. Each treatment will make your hair lighter and thinner and most patients will need to undergo at least 6 treatments before they will experience permanent results.

Myth 6: Laser hair removal is more costly than waxing

It might seem like your laser hair removal treatments are costing you more in the beginning but once you add up the costs of years of waxing, the price of your treatments make a lot more sense. Laser hair removal treatments at a reputable laser clinic are also quicker and gentler on the skin.

Myth 7: All laser machines are the same

This is definitely not a true statement. Not all laser machines are created equal and will differ in terms of power, pulse duration and quality. Always check with your laser technician about the machines that are used at the clinic to make sure that they’re medical grade. Your technician should have also undergone the necessary training to safely and effectively operate this equipment.

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