3 Worthy reasons that make vaping far better than smoking – Educate yourself

While it is true that electronic cigarettes contain minimum strengths of nicotine, but they definitely don’t have the toxic substances which are produced when you smoke tobacco like tar and carbon monoxide. If you’re someone who is familiar with vaping e-cigs, you will know that they contain a cartridge which is filled with fluid which comprises of dissolved nicotine, solvents and other flavors. The critics of vaping have leveraged nicotine as the main stick to prove that vaping is harmful but this is not true.

There are websites like where you can read the best reviews from the clients who have used these products and it is only after reading these reviews that you should choose to buy one after making an informed and educated decision. Before moving on to anything else, check out the reasons to use e-cigs rather than smoke.

#1: There’s no odor in e-cigs

Cigarette has got a distinctive smell which is due to the smoke that it releases and not only does the smoke lead to the smell but it also lead to various infections and diseases. If you’re tired of the pungent smell of smoke on your clothes, switch to vaping e-cigarettes as the e-liquids have a nice aroma. E-cigarettes smell due to its flavor which you choose in your e-cigarette.

#2: Vaping is safer than smoking

If you’ve been a smoker for the last few years, you must have been totally addicted to it. Did you ever sleep with a cigarette in hand and went off to sleep? This could set your house on fire and also hurt your loved family members. There are no such risks when you vape e-cigs and you can even snooze off after taking a puff. You’ll no longer have to toss them cigarette stubs in the ashtray.

#3: Goodbye stained teeth

The traditional cigarettes aren’t just guilty of hurting your internal organs but they also have a harsh impact on your teeth. The dirty and toxic chemicals that are there in the conventional cigarettes stain your teeth and makes them yellow. On the contrary, if you take to vaping, you won’t have brown colored teeth and you won’t require spending a dime on dentist appointments.

Therefore, after going through the points listed above, you must have been intrigued to use a vape pen and ditch your smoking habit. Experts will always recommend you to ditch smoking and choose e-cigs due to the positive impact on your health.

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