The Best Drug to Fight off Anxiety

Anxiety attack, panic attack, depression are all effects of stress. It is one of the cases with most affected people, from all ages. From mild anxiety to severe ones. And even those that leads to certain serious diseases.

Don’t fret, you won’t have to go there… now that a lot of medical professionals and researchers have worked together to make sure that anxiety, depression and all those related to it have cure and prevention. One of it is Melatonin.

Melatonin is one drug that helps in promoting sleep— take note, stress results to sleep deprivation, and not having enough sleep will lead to anxiety attacks. That is why it is best to know that sleep is a very important part of your overall health.

That’s why if you are recovering from depressive anxiety attacks. You should start with getting enough sleep. Now, how true does melatonin help with anxiety? We’re about to find out!

How is Melatonin Helpful?

Various research have long discovered the effectiveness of melatonin in curing anxiety and depression and even those related symptoms of depression.

Consuming melatonin supplements in the afternoon can have a significant decrease in their level of depression. There was an indeed improvement in the mood of participants are compared.

Basically, people who suffer from mild depression and anxiety have a lower amount of nocturnal melatonin. This is one of the reasons why doctors would recommend them the intake of melatonin supplements to make sure that melatonin elevates to its normal amount in the body and thus helps in promoting sleep and peaceful and soundly sleep.

Before Using Melatonin

However, there are still things you needed to know before taking melatonin. It basically have its side effects which are plainly bearable and normal to have. This is because your body adjusts from its sudden changes and effects.

Some of the side effects nausea, vomiting, dizziness, recurring headache, feelings of fatigue, personality changes, weight gain and even sleep disturbance. However, this only happens on the very first days of using Melatonin.

As you continue your melatonin intake this side effects will also disappear for about a week of continuous use.

More importantly, it is still best to consult with your doctor regarding with your intake of Melatonin. Only them can tell if is melatonin good for anxiety attacks that is accompanied with your situation.

More on Melatonin…

There are some cases where Melatonin is prescribed for people with diabetes, psychiatric illness, seizures, high or low blood pressure. But there is still a need, again, to talk and consult with your physician.

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