Tobacco can have a dangerous impact on your health – Should you switch to e-cigs?

Regardless of how often you smoke or when you smoke, tobacco can have an alarming and deadly impact on your health. As long as tobacco products are concerned, not a single substance used in them can be called ‘safe’. From carbon monoxide to nicotine to tar to acetone, everything that you inhale while smoking, not just affects your lungs but your whole body. Prolonged smoking can eventually lead to a long list of ongoing complications along with long-term impacts on different organs of your body.

While smoking boosts the risk of several issues over the years, there are also few bodily effects which are instant. Scroll down to learn more on the overall effects of tobacco and the symptoms that you may watch out for.

Consequences of smoking on your health

  • Stimulation of mood: When you smoke, it can typically put you in a positive and happy mood but the withdrawal symptoms like irritability and anxiety can become challenging to handle. Mood swings are extremely common when you try to quit.
  • Early menopause: Women who smoke tend to have premature menopause as compared to the non-smokers. Hot flashes also get increased due to smoking.
  • Irritability & anxiety: How do you feel when you missed smoking a cigarette during your break? Don’t you feel anxious and irritated? This happens due to nicotine withdrawal symptom.
  • Lack of proper vision: Smoking can lead to vision problems in the future and also increase the risk of eye issues like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.
  • Unhealthy teeth: Brownish or yellowish stains on your teeth are surefire consequences of long-term smoking. It also boosts your risk of inflammation or infection which can later on lead to bone or tooth loss.
  • Bronchitis: Smokers usually have an enhanced risk of bronchitis. Second-hand smoking also increases this risk, particularly among children. Other respiratory issues like pneumonia and tuberculosis can also get worsened due to smoking.

Should you switch to e-cigs?

In order to reduce the harm caused by tobacco cigarettes to your health, the only way out is to quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes. E-cigs are battery operated devices which work by heating the e-liquids which in turn releases the vapour that is sent off in plumes by the vaper. As the e-liquids contain propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerine or VG which are both accredited by the FDA, they’re claimed to be safer than tobacco. Hence, you can get your e-cig from online sources like and choose from the plethora of options that they have.

We live in an age where our health should be of utmost importance. If you’re a smoker and you love to smoke cigarettes, ditch this habit before it leads to a fatal illness that takes away your life.

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