Four Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Techniques for Women

For women who are dealing with permanent hair loss, there are several options that they can choose from to replace their missing hair. Although hair transplants are a popular option, they can be painful and many women want something less invasive. Here are four non-surgical hair replacement options for women.

Hair Replacement Products

Some topical solutions can help people regrow hair that has fallen out. It depends on the cause of hair loss but those who have loss caused by clogged hair follicles can choose prescription medications to regrow hair.

These involve cleaning the hair at the root level to remove dandruff or dead skin blocking the follicles. By getting rid of what’s blocking them, your hair follicles can start growing normally again.

Hair Integration

A non-surgical hair replacement method for adding natural hair to any part of your head is hair integration. Using this method, a fine mesh is attached to your head to add hair where it’s missing. The mesh is discreet and most people will not be able to tell that it’s there.

After it is put on your head, natural hair strands are added to the mesh by carefully hooking or sewing them on. Your hair can be colour-matched so the added strands are the same as your natural colour or after they have been attached to the mesh, the new hair, along with yours, can be dyed to match. Afterwards, your hair can be styled in any way that you wish.

Hair Extensions

Another way to attach natural hair to your remaining hair is to add hair extensions. The extensions are made from natural hair in almost any shade. If there isn’t a shade that matches yours, then the closest colour that does match can be dyed to resemble your natural hair.

Extensions can be clamped onto hair with miniature rings or they can be sewn onto your real hair. With hair extensions, you can style them as you would your real hair, go swimming, and participate in any activities that you wish. They can also be matched by texture for any woman’s hair, no matter her ethnicity.

Hair extensions and integration techniques are usually less expensive than hair replacement surgery and they are not painful. Hair clinics such as Hair Solved in Glasgow can add extensions quickly so you can go out that evening with long, luxurious hair.

Hair Pieces

For women who have 50% to 75% hair loss, hair pieces can be made and fit to their heads so they can be worn when they go to work or out on the town with friends. Instead of wearing a wig that can be too hot to wear at times, such as during the summer, a hair piece is only fitted where most of your hair is missing so you stay cooler.

In addition, the hair piece is blended to your natural hair so no one will be able to tell that it’s an extension. It can also be worn when showering or exercising or you can even sleep with an extended-wear hair piece on your head.

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