It is Time to Ditch Your Chemical-filled Deodorant

The underarm is a sensitive area and it sweats a lot. There is pretty much nothing that you can do to prevent sweating. The only way to stop the problem as we are made to believe is by using anti-perspirant. Sweating is reduced but not completely gone. Sweat coming from the underarm also has a foul smell. This is controlled with the help of deodorant.

The only problem with most commercial deodorants these days is that they contain aluminum. With aluminum present in it, waste is trapped inside which leads to swelling lymph nodes and could possibly increase odor.

Another problem is that it may interact with DNA and could lead to cancer. There are very few recorded cases, but it is a possibility. It mimics estrogen, therefore estrogen receptors are activated. This could lead to the growth of cancerous cells.

Your underarm skin is also very thin. If you constantly use chemicals on it, you might end up with severe problems. Eventually, you will feel like your skin is itchy or painful all the time. This might be worsened if your body starts to perspire. Therefore, everything that you were made to believe about commercial deodorants in the past is totally inaccurate. You will benefit more if you opt for natural choices.

Choose natural deodorant

It is high time to go for natural deodorants. There are several options that are available for you to choose from. Not only are they helpful in solving underarm problems, they are also effective in helping control the scent. Coconut oil for instance is a common ingredient among natural deodorants. The good thing about coconut oil is that you enjoy all the benefits plus it also helps prevent the growth of bacteria. It has also been proven to be perfect for people with sensitive skin. In fact, coconut oil is also a popular ingredient for facial cleansers and body lotions.

Just go online

Given the benefits that you will get from using natural deodorants, it is time to ditch the commercial deodorant that you are using. You will just end up with severe skin issues later on if you keep using it. Besides, there are no side effects to using natural deodorants. The only issue is if you are allergic to the main ingredient, which is not really that common.

You don’t have to worry if you have a hard time searching for natural deodorant in your local stores. You can always go online to look for the best product that fits your needs. You can check out the best aluminum free deodorant here. Once you start using a better product for your underarm, you will not regret that you have ditched your old deodorant.

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