Relax your Muscles and Tired Limbs by Using Various Kinds of Bath Salt

Bath salt is used mainly to rejuvenate your body. Most of us are aware of herbs and essential oil that is used for aromatherapy, but when bath salt is mixed with essential oil and herbs it gives a spectacular result. Many people utilize bath salt after a long hectic day to relax their mind and body. Bath salt is sea salt, which is mixed in tub filled with hot water. Then you sit in that tub to relax your nerves, ease your cramps and joint pain to get good sleep.

Bath salt is considered antibacterial, which help in smoothening skin and keep it free from acne. There are various Bath salts available in the market. Some help you relax your joints while some help in curing flu and cold. Bath salt is mixed with oil and used for desired purposes. We all know the role and purpose of tea tree oil, Eucalyptus and many other oils in our life. These oils are mixed in bath salt to give that extra factor to it.

There are different types of salts that are used for this purpose –

  • Epsom salt also familiar as magnesium sulfate is clean and white is a color that is available in any local store. It helps in reducing inflammation and relieves sore muscles by removing toxins from your body.
  • European spa salt obtained from Mediterranean Sea is quite expensive. It is evaporated by sun and air and is good for therapy and natural healing.
  • Dead Sea salt, unlike sea salt is less dilute and is obtained from Israel. Due to its therapeutic nature, which is more than sea salt, it is used to help in medical conditions like arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and muscular pain.

  • Dendritic salt is meant to hold the scent of bath salt in water for a longer duration. Without it bath salt can form hard lumps in water.
  • Pickling salt is similar to table salt, but its grains are bigger than table salt and aren’t iodized. This means that in humid weather pickling salt can form hard lumps.
  • Hawaiian Red salt is known for its color because of the red clay available in that area. It is rich in iron oxide and can treat problems like sore throat, body ache, wounds, gum infections and sprains.
  • Icelandic brine salt found in Iceland has more silica, but contains less sodium compared to sea salt.

There are many other salts available in the market and each has its own characteristics. You can combine two salts to make your own best medicine. Adding herbs and oils to it can give it extra medicinal benefits

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