Taking Drugs on Foil: It Is Time to Turn Away

Recreational drugs are wrecking a havoc all over the world. Those are being transported from a country to another by various means and none of those are any good for us. Generation after generations, these drugs have caused health issues, broken families and even death. The things that start as fun thing or coping mechanism, soon starts to take control of life. Priorities shift and life become something else. While the drugs are harmful enough, people resort to even more harmful ways to take them. While sniffing and injecting into veins is a thing, smoking drugs also happen to be quite popular.

Ways To Take Drugs

People put these under the tongue for sublingual consumption. Some people crush and snort the drugs in powered form. People even go to the extent of mixing different types of drugs to increase the rate of pleasure. People who smoke drugs, usually prefer the foils. Tough these foils are called tin foil, there is no tin now. Some people make a makeshift pipe out of the foil and some people heat a flat piece of the foil with the drug on it. the second process is known as freebasing. Drugs like msm crackback on foil is actually quite popular. People use foil to smoke drugs like marijuana, MDMA, Molly, cocaine, heroin, hydrocodone and more.

Things To Know

People choose to smoke drug as the effects happen quite fast to remove the withdrawal symptoms. There are some people who think that smoking is less injurious than snorting or injecting. But the truth is completely different than that. Taking drugs in any way is never a safe thing. Smoking easily send the drug to the bloodstream making one feel euphoric within minutes. Thins influence can cause overdose making the suffer from addiction and health issues.

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