Goood pup! 5 reasons you should definitely train your dog

We want our dogs to be happy, content and comfortable. But if they start to demonstrate poor behavioural patterns, this could become jeopardised. Not only this, bad dog behaviour can be incredibly stressful for you, so it’s a very good idea to start training them early on.

We want them to be happy, so we do things like give them the best food, lots of love and attention, as well as find the best pet insurance companies in Australia.

Another thing you can do to ensure their happiness (and yours), is to train them properly.

Here are five reasons why.

  1. Training is good for you & your doggo!

Your doggo isn’t the only one benefiting from quality training – you are also reaping the benefits. Working alongside your pup to train them helps you understand them better, making you a better owner in the process.

It can also be a great form of exercise and open the door to new activities as they will be better behaved when they head out at your side!

  1. Your dog will be more sociable

Training your dog teaches them to behave properly in social situations and respect the boundaries of both dog and human. Therefore, they will be more comfortable and chilled around humans and dogs, thus creating more positive interactions for you and your doggo. The more positive the interaction, the more comfortable you will feel taking pup out with you, making for a much more positive, social life for them!

  1. Boarding your pup is no problem

If you’re ever away for a few days and need to leave your pet with friends or family, you can trust that your well-behaved doggo will be no problem for them! A well-trained dog will not only obey your commands, but they should also be able to obey those of the people you leave them with – allowing you and them to enjoy a cheeky little vacation.

  1. It provides a safer environment

A poorly behaved dog is more susceptible to danger, especially if they can’t do simple things like respond to your important commands. Obviously, a dog that runs out the front gate or bolts as soon as they are off the leash is at greater risk of becoming lost or worse…

Ensuring your dog can respond to your commands ensures they will learn safe habits as well as be more disciplined in the future.

  1. Because old dogs learn new tricks, too

People often believe that your dog can’t be educated after a certain time period – but this simply isn’t true. Many myths surrounding a dog’s education are completely untrue, as you can actually help your dog later on in life to learn good behavioural patterns.

Sure, older dogs may take more time or require different help to train them, but they can still learn. The main thing about training older dogs is that you have to be patient with them as they may have already learned specific behavioural patterns. But, with the same motivation and encouragement, you can totally teach an old dog new tricks!

It’s just a better situation for everyone

Whilst all dogs are absolutely amazing, bad behaved ones can be troublesome. Let’s face it: we don’t want to be constantly stressed about our dog’s health and wellbeing because they learn bad behavioural patterns from an early age, do we?

The best thing to do is start training them early – it will be a much better situation for you both later on down the track!

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