The Ugly Shoe that Could

 Who knew sheepskin could feel so good on your feet and ankles.  When UGG hit the scene in Southern California in the late 1970’s folks went wild for the oddly shaped shoe with the odd sounding name.  As word spread of the comfort one felt when wearing them, their popularity increased.  Before long, the same people who swore they would never be caught dead in those things, were quickly checking out the tag at the back of the shoe to make sure they were the genuine article.  Then, even those who made jokes about UGG being short for ugly wanted to receive them as gifts. But only if they were the genuine article. Knock-offs were plentiful – Duggs, Buggs, Aussies and other rip-off-brands quickly flooded the market, but none lived up to the real thing.  Now, the brand is well known worldwide and includes shoes and accessories such as slippers, clogs and sandals.  But the workhorse of the line and star of the show is still the iconic UGG boots that started it all.  And now you can own a pair for less when you use a Groupon code.  You can save 31% off regular prices, 50% off end of season deals, and more savings when you unlock exclusive codes offered by Groupon, and you only need a smart phone to get them.

Just imagine the feel of that thick, luxurious grade-A, Twinface sheepskin.  It’s used to line all booths and provides the legendary warmth the line is known for.  Now, you can have that same level of warmth and comfort you enjoy in the boots as part of your home décor.  When you shop UGG, you’ll find blankets, throws, pillows and poufs alongside other smart décor items to cozy your home for the coming fall and winter.  And if you don’t believe an ugly duckling can turn into a good-looking swan, just check out the stylish boots available for babies and kids. They won’t be the brunt of late night talk show jokes with these cuties on.  In fact, they’ll lead the fashion parade where ever they want to take it.  You can fall in step by applying codes from Groupon to try their new products in fabrics like burnished suede, washed canvas and distressed leather.   Some code will even net you free shipping with a qualifying purchase.

Don’t hesitate to buy a pair of UGGs this season.   Treat the whole family to the luxury and comfort only these genuine shoes provide.

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