Myths and facts of weight loss decoded

People have the misconception that cardio is for weight loss while strength training and weights are for building muscles. However going all lean is not everyone’s ambition, the perfect abs and just the right amount of biceps is every person’s aspiration and a perfect hour glass figure is what every woman craves for. Crash dieting is quite tempting to attempt especially when it guarantees you of visible results and quickly. However, fasting and crash diets may be effective they have long term health consequences and it often backfires as you gain more weight when you get back to your normal diet. And this weight gain is serious fat gain which is never good.

Body building is all about chopping out the fat and encouraging protein synthesis to grow muscle cells instead of fat. As simple and easy it might sound one has to be dedicated and disciplined to achieve the end results which is an amazing body. Strength training is just the right thing you need to do to shed all those extra calories and the fat that is difficult to be rid of. It has this huge benefit against cardio as it increases your body’s metabolism up to 60% which means that you burn more calories than you normally do. For instance; if you normally burn 400 calories while sleeping by regular strength training you burn almost 500 calories.

Weight and strength training are great ways of losing the fat around your belly and other stubborn areas

Most of us always tend to concentrate on certain boy parts which we wish to be lean and fat particularly hips, abdomen, etc. These are some regions that are called the stubborn ones as shedding fat here involves carefully planned workout. Cardio exercises though make you lose weight initially they are known to accumulate fat around your abdomen as cardio exercises are known to shed the lean muscles along with fat cells. Weight training on the other hand helps you repair the worn out and stretched out muscles by growing more muscle cells. And when you are planning on shedding your belly and hip fat then strength training alongside over the counter steroids is the key rather than cardio which only will end up accumulating more fat.

Basically cardio exercises involves shedding both lean muscles along with fat and targets plain weight loss but weight training and strength training exercises help you in reshaping your body to achieve the physique you always dreamed of. And if you are keen on showing off the right muscles and toned body weight and strength training it is. Strength training ensures that you are capable of lifting weights and it also helps you to push your limits and concentrate more on weight training.

Strength training helps you with sore muscles and muscle pain that result from weight training

Apart from helping you to increase the duration of your weight training exercises, strength training workouts prepare your body to get used to the sore muscles and muscles pains that are common after lifting weights. It also helps to prevent insomnia. They help you in easing the pain and help you to carry weight training without the byproducts like paining muscles or sore muscles.

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